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Accessible Reserves

Gang Mine by Guy BadhamGang Mine by Guy Badham

The following sites are recommended for visitors with limited mobility.

Click on the links to find out more about each reserve.

The Avenue Washlands
Access to the site is via squeeze stiles which are just wide enough for mobility scooters. About 80% of the reserve, including the four viewing screens, is accessible to wheelchairs. There are no hides on the site.

Barton Pool
This site is partially visible from one path along its western side, however it is a fenced off site with no access on to it for any members of the public. The site is very close to Attenborough Nature Reserve where there are good facilities and access options.

Carr Vale
There is full disabled access around all the paths on this reserve and to all three viewing screens (there are no stiles). There is no access to the fishing platforms for wheeled vehicles.

Chee Dale SSSI
There is partial disabled access on this reserve: along the Monsal Trail from Miller's Dale Station as far as the abseiling bridge, which gives views over the reserve. There is no other wheeled access onto the reserve. Boardwalks accessed by steps and stepping stones make some paths unsuitable for those with limited mobility.

Cramside Wood SSSI
The path that runs alongside the river and reserve is suitable to those with limited mobility and offers good views of the reserve.

Cromford Canal LNR/SSSI
Partial access but overall good. The far south end of the canal has a style preventing access, but otherwise there is a good maintained track between Ambergate (Poyser Bridge off The Chase) and Whatstandwell that should be accessible by wheelchair.

The parking area is close to two wheelchair accessible hides (located in close proximity to each other) and these are both along good tracks and boardwalk. The track along the southern boundary of the site (east from the hides) and heading into the reserve is flat and relatively firm and should be suitable for wheelchair access. The two bird hides on the northern areas of the reserve are along muddy paths and/or up steps and are not wheelchair accessible. A permit is required for this site.

Gang Mine
There is a good gate onto this reserve which is accessible via the car park next to the cricket ground; but this should only be used in very dry weather as there is no made up path.

Hilton Gravel Pits SSSI
The field gate near the site’s entrance has been fitted with a RADAR lock allowing access to larger wheelchairs or mobility buggies (providing users have a RADAR key) and the track along here is in largely good condition and provides access to a bird viewing screen. Paths on other areas of the site are flat but are often muddy and unsuitable for wheelchairs. There is no bird hide due to past vandalism.

Mapperley Wood
The bird hide is currently missing due to vandalism. Once replaced this will be accessible for wheelchairs and this is a short(ish) distance from the car park on well surfaced paths. The rest of the site is unsuitable for wheelchairs. A permit is required for this reserve.

North Wingfield
Part of this grassland and wetland reserve should be accessible to off road mobility scooters.

Spring Wood SSSI

Permit-only reserve. There is a long section (~300 m) of boardwalk allowing wheelchair access through some of the best woodland areas of this reserve. However, this boardwalk does not extend all the way to the bird hide and the trail here is unsuitable for wheelchairs. The Trust will be doing some work to improve the first 100 m of path from the site’s entrance gate and to the start of the boardwalk.

Willington Gravel Pits
The track from the main parking area (near to Repton Road) is regularly flooded by the Trent and is often wet and with potholes. There is also a height barrier of 6’6” (198 cm) at the site entrance that DWT can open with sufficient notice. There is limited parking (3-4 cars) at the far end of the track near the entrance to the fishing club’s gate and the reserve areas. The track from here to the bird hide is in better condition but can still flood and be muddy. The bird hide and two blinds are wheelchair accessible.


Partial access with good surfaced paths around the site from Mapperley village and Shipley, although steep in places. Many footpaths across fields unsuitable for limited mobility or wheelchairs. The distance from suitable parking and ground conditions can affect access.

Wyver Lane
Limited parking (2 spaces) and quite a rough track along from here. The bird hide (for which a permit is required) is wheelchair accessible and a short distance (<50 m) from the closest parking.



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