Woodside Festival


THE festival for live music, art, wild activities, good food and drink; all in support of local wildlife.



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Wildlife Advice

Bumblebee by Mike HoultBumblebee by Mike Hoult

Wildlife Enquiries

Got a question about wildlife? Our free Wildlife Enquiries Service offers practical advice on concerns or questions you may have about local wildlife. Email your question to Wildlife Enquiries

We also have a range of helpful factsheets, which you can download below.


FilenameFile size
Harvest-mouse-factsheet.pdf304.09 KB
Otter factsheet.pdf242.03 KB
Polecat factsheet.pdf248.74 KB
Water Shrew factsheet.pdf496.2 KB
introduction to moths.pdf353.13 KB
hedgerowwild.pdf501.02 KB
reptiles in the garden.pdf993 KB
living with badgers.pdf273.47 KB
frogsandtoads.pdf186.7 KB
newtsingardens.pdf349.63 KB
problempondplants.pdf1.88 MB