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Fox, Jamie Hall

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Take a peek at the wildlife that loves Derbyshire as much as we do - it's also a great tool to double check if you really did see that elusive osprey, or was it actually a heron? And, use our habitat explore to see which habitats Derbyshire has to offer.


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Common blue butterfly, Vicky Nall

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Lea Wood, Jim Lambeth

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Let us know what you've been lucky enough to see! Whether it's on one of our nature reserves or in your back garden, your sightings help us build valuable county records that we can use to monitor species increase or declines and help us advise on planning applications. 

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Tell us what you've seen

Barn owl, Andy Rouse 2020 VISION

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Give wildlife a helping hand

From a full blown wild flower meadow to your window box and hanging basket - it all makes a huge difference for wildlife. Here are our top tips for how you can help from home...

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Wildlife gardening, Paul Harris 2020 VISION

Not all news is good news

Sadly wildlife crime is rife in Derbyshire. From bird of prey persecution right through to egg theft. Its a little known area of police work - let's take a look at what a wildlife crime is, how to report a wildlife crime and what we can do together to prevent them from happening. 

Wildlife crime

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Peregrine, Dave Nay, via Flickr 

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