Lichen and moss by Zsuzsanna Bird


Bringing Wildlife Back

Ian Jelley, Director of Living Landscapes for Warwickshire Wildlife Trust, explains why helping nature recover is as essential for us as it is for wildlife.

Cellar spider

Living with spiders

Every autumn, headlines warn about spiders invading our homes. But what’s the real story with our eight-legged neighbours?


Beaver Training with Derek Gow

As the release of the beavers at Willington, in the Trent Valley, gets closer, a small group of Derbyshire Wildlife Trust employees and volunteers have been lucky enough to receive beaver training…

Bird of Prey Bearded Vulture

Wild Bearded Vulture in the Peak District

Who would have thought I would be writing a blog about one of the most amazing birds ever to visit the UK!
To see a wild Bearded Vulture in the wild in the Peak District National Park was…