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Bird of Prey Bearded Vulture

Wild Bearded Vulture in the Peak District

Who would have thought I would be writing a blog about one of the most amazing birds ever to visit the UK!
To see a wild Bearded Vulture in the wild in the Peak District National Park was…


Raising Awareness of a bird in danger

Swift Awareness Week 2020 runs between 27 June and 5 July and aims to alert everyone to the threats facing this charismatic species. Nick Brown, Coordinator of Swift Awareness Weeks tells us all…

(C) Lucy Benniston

Reconnecting with nature

21 year old student Lucy Benniston tells us all about her experience with 30 Days Wild and how it has helped her reconnect with nature at her local spot.

John Varty

Happy Birthday John Varty, 100 years old!

We would like to wish John Varty a very happy birthday, he turns 100 today! He was a Vice President and Vice Chair for the Trust and an important part of his job was defending badgers against…