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Risley Glebe

A reserve with several important habitats and shelter for an abundance of plant species

In just half a hectare, Risley Glebe Nature Reserve features several important habitats and provides shelter for more than 150 plant species, including some that are locally scarce. The reserve provides a refuge for grassland plants and the insects that feed on them. In July, for instance, you will see the distinctive blue flowers of devil's bit scabious among the grasses, while flitting between them are meadow brown and red admiral butterflies. A brook flows through the reserve, forming an area of marsh. Pondskaters, freshwater shrimps and frogs all make use of the brook and on warm summer days the wetland areas are a good place to see dragonflies and damselflies. Kingfishers have been seen along this stretch of the brook, while other birds nest in the woodland areas. Willow warblers and blackbirds may be heard singing, and woodpeckers beat out rhythms on dead trees.

Species and habitats

Grassland, Wetland, Woodland
Pond Skater, Red Admiral, Willow Warbler

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Reserve information

Risley, 10 miles east of Derby
Map reference
SK 461 359
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Open at all times
0.50 hectares
Park in the village and take the footpath from the B5010 up between the church and Risley Primary School
Dogs must be on lead
Reserve manager
Derbyshire Wildlife Trust
Tel: 01773 881188