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Longcliffe Quarries are feeling the buzz!

Wednesday 10th May 2017

Longcliffe Quarries Ltd are feeling the buzz, and are purchasing buzz boxes for their staff.

Bee-cause of pledges like this, Derbyshire Wildlife Trust is able to help our pollinators to flourish, and protect species that are under threat.

Longcliffe and other organisations in Derbyshire have already pledged to feel the buzz. If you would like to help our bees and get a Buzz Box visit the Trust’s website here.


We’re asking people to help plant one million wildflowers throughout the county to help provide food for bees. This is part of our exciting new campaign called Feel the Buzz, which is designed to help everyone understand the plight of our bees and to get the whole community active in a very hands-on way.

It’s thanks to a generous donation of £15,000 from Weleda (UK) based in Ilkeston that the Trust was able to start the campaign.