The latest news from Drakelow Nature Reserve.

The latest news from Tom Cockburn.

DRAKELOW NATURE RESERVE: Tuesday 25th February 2020 0930 – 1215. This was another visit to assess the flood conditions following on from the blog of the 23rd February. The flood pool is, again, 10.5” deep and has extended both sides of the raised section of the road. The River Trent was still rising although still within its banks but the flow on the reserve lagoons was inwards and there is the possibility of another inundation. In addition to an intermittent gas gun a pile-driver started up across the river putting what few ducks we had to flight. The highlight was the Long-tailed Duck that was with several Tufted Ducks in the ML. These birds were clearly agitated by the pile-driver in operation. In all 49 Tufted Ducks was the largest gathering of the wildfowl. With one group was a single Pochard. Coots numbered 36 but only two Moorhens were seen. Three Buzzards, over the Secondary lagoon was the only raptor record. Singing birds included several Wrens, Robins and a Cetti’s Warbler. WARNING: A tractor has travelled down the road from the CP to Minton’s Lagoon with the result that the soft ground is now deeply marked by tyre tracks for the whole of its length – tread (sorry, no pun intended) carefully, as if there isn’t enough to contend with!