The latest news from Drakelow

Thomas Cockburn talks us through the reserve after Storm Dennis this weekend.

DRAKELOW NATURE RESERVE: Monday 17th February 2020. Given the heavy rain over the week-end a visit was made to the reserve to assess any flood conditions. The site was completely under water with the River Trent running through the reserve. The only path not under water was from the CP to the Secondary Lagoon. All other paths were inundated and the water level at the feeding station was up to the bottom of several feeders. The infamous flood pool measured 10.5” deep. Visitors are advised to stay away until at least the week-end when another evaluation will be made. Needless to say bird-life was practically non-existent with three Goosanders leaving the site the best sighting during the visit. With the Strip now completely immersed a few Coots and Tufted Ducks were on the ‘sea’ of the ML with a couple of Little Grebes and a solitary female Goldeneye enhancing the sightings. With the overflowing Trent stretching for many hundreds of yards across the Staffordshire countryside most of the gulls (mainly Black-headed Gulls) were feeding in that area.