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Konik training time!

Thursday 13th April 2017

The four koniks, Kate LemonThe four koniks, Kate Lemon

Our konik ponies have undergone some training to make them more tame.

Ross Cooper (Rosca Horsemanship) has worked with our Reserves Officer Kate Lemon to tame our newest koniks ponies: Sky, Linnet and Banner. It's important that the koniks are comfortable with being handled: if one was to develop an issue or injury, it is important that they are able to be handled, should they need to be seen by a veterinarian. Taming the koniks also makes those looking after them, like Kate, that little bit more easy.

For example, Sky is 6 years old with no previous handling, after living out on the Wicken Fen all of her life, before coming to Derbyshire. After a few short sessions in March, Sky has warmed to, and become much more comfortable with human contact; as you can see in the video below. Well done to Ross and Kate for their good work here!



Footage by Ross Cooper


Did you know: 

Konik Ponies are a primitive and semi-feral breed, and they originate from Poland. Our koniks came to Derbyshire off the Wicken Fen in Norfolk, and they are important for conservation grazing on our nature reserves as they are more resilient to harsher weather conditions.