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Boundary Bonus

Tuesday 14th February 2017

Derbyshire dry stone wall, Simon CorbleDerbyshire dry stone wall, Simon Corble

We are encouraging local farmers and landowners to apply for grants worth up to £5000 to improve and maintain their natural boundaries.

The £5 million scheme from Countryside Stewardship scheme is offering grants towards the restoration of traditional boundaries including hedgerows, dry stone walls, stone-faced banks and earth banks. These kinds of boundaries are important havens and corridors for wildlife, and once restored need very little ongoing maintenance. A well laid hedge can be good for over 50 years!

Hedgerows provide food and shelter for a vast array of wildlife; 125 UK BAP priority species are associated with them, and they are especially important for butterflies. With over 4,000km in Derbyshire, hedgerows are also vital wildlife corridors, allowing the movement of species between fragmented habitats. The iconic Derbyshire dry stone wall provides microclimates and habitats which many plants and animals rely on, especially over winter.

Applications for the Countryside Stewardship hedgerows and boundaries grant are open until 28th April 2017. Visit the Countryside Stewardship page for more information and application details.