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Woodside Farm – The second month

Posted: Tuesday 16th December 2014 by WoodsideJon

Cattle at Woodside Farm Cattle at Woodside Farm, Jon Preston

How time flies when you’re enjoying yourself!


It is this time of year that the sheep are coming towards the end of their mating season (known as tupping). A ewe has a 17 day cycle and we hope that 80% of them will be pregnant after this time and within two cycles most will be pregnant. This will make lambing in April easier as we know when to expect the new arrivals!

Once the breeding is complete the rams will be checked over and put onto some fresh grass to enable them to regain condition before the worst of the winter. We are lucky at Woodside as we are able to produce our own hay in the summer which provides nutrients for our stock in the winter.


Since my last blog, we realised that we needed cattle at The Avenue Washlands Reserve. As a result we brought in 3 young animals – 2 Highlands and a Belted Galloway cross. 

Belted Galloway is another Scottish breed well suited to life outdoors. They are black with a distinctive white belt around their waist. It will be interesting to see how he grows and develops alongside his native cousins.


With Christmas around the corner, the Reserves Team have drawn up a rota for checking our livestock throughout the festive period so you can rest assured that the sheep and cattle will be having a merry Christmas too!

Would you like to help over the Christmas period?

We are very grateful to the invaluable assistance we receive from volunteer checkers, but we are always looking out for extra eyes on the ground. Please get in touch if you feel you would like to get involved – all training is provided and you would be made very welcome. Contact

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