Second Week of June 2021 Sightings

Your sightings submitted in the second week of June

Last week really did turn in to a scorcher, we hope you all stayed safe whilst enjoying the weather.

Another Red Kite, a species that was nearly hunted to extinction but is now doing well in the UK, was spotted in Derbyshire last week, this time near Repton along with a species on the currently on the red list for birds, a Grey Wagtail, which was seen near Glossop. A much smaller winged beauty which is common in the UK, a striking White Ermine Month, was seen Buxton last week.

Red Kite, John Hawkins, Surrey Hills Photography

Red Kite, John Hawkins, Surrey Hills Photography

Continuing the winged theme a few late recordings from late summer and early autumn 2020 were submitted last week of some Brown Long-Eared Bats spotted near Tissington. This species is widespread but protected across the UK and really live up to their name with ears nearly as long as their bodies.

Also reported last week were a group of approximately 50 tadpoles in garden pond near Alfreton. Big or small wildlife ponds are one of best ways you can attract new wildlife, from amphibians to dragonflies to bats, to your garden so if you’d like to find out how to build your own see the links below.

How to build a pond:

How to create a mini pond:

Mini Wildlife Pond

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Thank you to Joshua Broster, Chris Neale, Hilary Chatterton, Paul Hulme and Helen Dennis for submitting your sightings.