Sightings Blog - Second week of November 2021

Sightings Blog - Second week of November 2021

Your wildlife sightings in Derbyshire in the second week of November 2021

In south Derbyshire this week you spotted an elusive otter, whose traces are sometimes easier to find than the real thing. With 6-7cm long five-toed footprints, droppings which have visible fish bones and smell like jasmine tea. Another carnivore was seen nearby, the red kite; whose wingspan can reach up to 1.8 m and can weigh up to 1.2 kg.

Spotted further north was the smallest bird in Europe, the goldcrest. This bird is a year-round resident and has a wingspan of 14 cm and weighs up to 6 g. Goldcrests are named after the gold crown on top of the males’ heads.

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We are looking forward to reading about your wildlife sightings across Derbyshire. To submit your own sighting and be featured in a future blog go to

Thank you to Ali Barlow, April Fussell and Ian White for submitting their wildlife sightings.