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Derbyshire Bird Report - £9.25 for non-members (includes P&P)

Posted: Wednesday 30th November 2016 by Book-Reviews

Every year, the Derbyshire Ornithological Society (DOS) publishes its attractive annual report of the birds seen in the county. The latest issue, covering 2015, has just dropped through my letterbox. As usual, this is an excellently produced volume especially considering that the DOS is entirely volunteer-run. It should be justly proud of its meticulous work.

The bulk of the 200 pages are taken up with a species by species account. From a rarity point of view, the crag martin that turned up in Chesterfield was undoubtedly the highlight of the year – a first for the county.
It’s particularly pleasing to me that the DOS uses paintings and line drawings to illustrate its report. The cover this time is of a great crested grebe with its two young by Fiona Gomez.
A short article about the early spring gatherings of curlews, mostly at DWT’s Willington Nature Reserve. Numbers peeked in 2002 at 140 but have steadily dropped down to the 20’s, almost certainly a reflection of the decline of this bird across the county. Living just outside Derby, I used to hear the magical calls of curlews returning to nest in the fields around but sadly no longer do so.

The booklet includes the ringing reports for 2014 and 2015. Of particular note was a barn owl recovered in Somerset (I didn’t realise they moved so far), one of our Derby Cathedral peregrine youngsters found sick in Nottinghamshire almost two years after it fledged, a Russian reared woodcock sadly shot at Barlow in its first winter and redwings recovered in Spain, Portugal and Russia.

To obtain a copy, go to the DOS’s website:
Nick Brown

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