Our thoughts on the Godfray Report

Jason Skeen vaccinating the 200th badger of the season - Georgie Hutton, High Peak Badger Group 

Derbyshire Wildlife Trust's response to the Godfray Report

The recently published Godfray report is clear that the focus of tackling bovine TB should be on cattle.

Here in Derbyshire we are leading the way with our ground breaking badger vaccination project. By vaccinating badgers we are helping to increase their immunity to bovine TB which is good news for badgers and good news for cattle.

We believe that the Government needs to significantly increase its level of support for vaccination across the country, using our success in Derbyshire as a template for all other counties.

We remain firmly opposed to the badger cull.

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Beautiful badgers, Elliott Neep 

What do The Wildlife Trust's think?

Read The Wildlife Trust's response to the Godfray report and find out what it could mean on a national level. 

The Wildlife Trust's response

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Badger, Terry Whittaker 2020 Vision

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