Woodside Education Garden

Woodside Education Garden, Derbyshire Wildlife Trust Woodside Education Garden, Derbyshire Wildlife Trust

Our education garden is packed with features to help you enjoy discovering Woodside's wildlife.

This 0.4 hectare (1 acre) garden and woodland contains mini versions of the habitats found on the nature reserve.


Whatever the season, there is plenty to see and hear in the woodland. Oak and ash trees provide cover for birds including blue tits and great tits, great spotted woodpeckers and jays. Look for speckled wood butterflies too in sunnier spots.


Raised Ponds

The garden has two raised ponds suitable for pond dipping. Look for water creatures such as pond skaters, water scorpions and water beetles, as well as dragonfly and caddis fly larvae.







Wildflower meadow

Meadow buttercups and lady's smock are among the flowers you will find in our small meadow. Sweep with a net to find insects including orange-tip butterfly, shield bugs and weevils.






Log Piles

Roll the logs away to search for minibeasts. You might find centipedes, millipedes, beetles, earwigs or woodlice. Don't forget to roll the logs back again when you've finished.







Wildlife hotels

Two wildlife hotels provide a habitat for a variety of creatures including insects and small mammals.







There is also a covered picnic area with full disabled access and woven willow covered seating areas.

Everyone is welcome to use the garden and school visits can be arranged. To do this, please contact Derbyshire Wildlife Trust - email or phone 01773 881188

The garden and education barn have been created thanks to many hours of hard work by our wonderful volunteers, supported by funding from The Veolia Environmental Trust.