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Two of our corporate supporters tell their story

Longcliffe Quarries Ltd

Independent Derbyshire company, Longcliffe Quarries Ltd, has been established for almost 90 years as a provider of calcium carbonates for the manufacture of animal feeds, glass, sealants and adhesives. With 170 employees it is the second largest private company in the Derbyshire Dales. Longcliffe recognises the importance of pursing their business in a manner that is as sympathetic as possible to the environment.

Managing Director Andy Littler said, “There is a huge opportunity to carefully restore old quarries as great places for wildlife. Impoverished soils produce abundant wildflowers which in turn attract all manner of insects, wet areas attract newts and other pond life and rock faces provides crags for peregrine falcons, ravens and little owls to nest. This is not a new phenomenon, 60% of Sites of Special Interest are associated with former mineral workings.

We look forward to working with the Trust at the worked out and now Trust managed Hoe Grange quarry, a site notable for 23 species of butterfly recorded in 2016. Moving forward I hope that other areas can be managed by the Trust whilst we will be seeking their professional guidance on matters such as seeding, tree planting and hay meadow creation.

I’ve been involved with the Trust for 20 years now and am well aware of their practical professionalism in improving habitats for native flora and fauna. As organisations we are both serious about environmental management and supporting our local community, so becoming a corporate supporter of Derbyshire Wildlife Trust seemed like a logical step. We are proud to offer our help and look forward to a long and successful relationship”.

M A Broughton Electrical Contractors Ltd

M A Broughton began their support of the Trust in 2016, firstly becoming a Business Member and then going on to support an education project at Codnor Primary School.

Mark Broughton, Managing Director of M A Broughton, noted that ‘I have been a member of the Trust for many years now so I was very keen that, as a business, we should be doing our bit too. We felt that by becoming business members it showed our support of Derbyshire and its wildlife and wild places.

We have always been keen to develop positive links within our local community so when the Trust got in touch to talk to us about supporting an education project in one of our local primary schools, we were very keen to get involved, particularly as the project helped young people to connect with nature.’

Our modern world in many ways disconnects us from nature and this is becoming a major issue, particularly in terms of the impact on our mental health. Derbyshire Wildlife Trust works with a number of organisations, engaging both adults and children in projects that are designed to reconnect us with the natural world.