Locals help transform Erewash Meadows

A recent project to improve Erewash Meadows Nature Reserve just outside of Jacksdale has been completed.

Local residents, part of the Cromford Canal and Codnor Park Reservoir group, raised vital funds to help Derbyshire Wildlife Trust replace signage around the reserve so more people can enjoy the reserve and understand why it is so special and important for wildlife.

It’s not always been though, the reserve was once an industrial site but now, thanks to the hard work of the Trust and a group of dedicated volunteers it is home to species under threat such as water voles and white-clawed crayfish. It’s also a great place to birdwatch! The reserve is split into three sections, Brinsley Meadows, the old Cromford Canal, and Aldercar Flash and Meadows. Each area is home to a diverse collection of important native species, including breeding lapwings, skylarks and butterflies.

Erewash Meadows, Kate Lemon

Erewash Meadows, Kate Lemon 

Kate Lemon managed the project for Derbyshire Wildlife Trust said “We are delighted with the new signage in on the reserve. Being able to explain important aspects of the area is really useful in helping people build a relationship with the site and learn more about the local wildlife around them. We’d like to thank Cromford Canal and Codnor Park Reservoir Group for all their hard work in securing the funding to make this possible”.

Marie Brown, Secretary for The Cromford Canal and Codnor Park Reservoir Group said ’As residents of the village, we could see that with some hard work and enthusiasm, this once derelict site could become a place for the whole community to enjoy. 5 years later the area is now a beautiful resource with perfect habitats for the wide variety of wildlife and we are seeing visitors from all over the UK’