Volunteers honoured with the Queens Award For Voluntary Service

Volunteers honoured with the Queens Award For Voluntary Service

(c) Cromford Canal & Codnor Park Reservoir Group

The Cromford Canal & Codnor Park Reservoir Group have been honoured by the Queen and awarded the Queens Award For Voluntary Service!

Working alongside Derbyshire Wildlife Trust (DWT) this group of local volunteers care for the DWT section of Cromford Canal, part of Erewash Meadows nature reserve. They have absolutely transformed it over the last 6 years into an incredible wildlife haven full of protected and rare species as well as completely turning around the attitudes and actions of the local community to the site and wildlife in general.

The Queens Award for Voluntary Service is the highest accolade that can be awarded to charities and community organisations for our local volunteering and subject to thorough and robust investigation of all nominees which is finally signed off by the Queen herself. The winners get a certificate and glass dome and will be invited to a royal garden party.  This award is the culmination of over 6 years of hard work by these wonderful volunteers, both past and present, and they extend their gratitude to everyone that has given their expertise, skills and time.

The group was nominated by Kate Lemon, Regional Manager at Derbyshire Wildlife Trust. She said ‘I feel so proud to have been involved in their efforts and to have been able to support the group and watch it grow and achieve so much. Erewash Meadows is one of my favourite reserves and for other people to care about it as much as I do is just wonderful.’

Andy Moon, Group Chair said “When people give their time freely to something they feel passionate about, great things can be achieved.  I am absolutely delighted that all of those involved have been honoured in this way.  Our plans for the future will see the group thrive and the distinct and measurable impact on our local area continue” 

Full details of the award can be viewed here: https://www.gov.uk/.../winners-of-the-2021-queens-award...

About Cromford Canal & Codnor Park Reservoir Group

Working alongside Derbyshire Wildlife Trust (DWT) we are a group of local volunteers with a 5-year project to improve the Cromford Canal in Jacksdale, Ironville and Condor Park.

We have over 2400 active Facebook followers.

We work mainly on the stretch of canal that DWT are responsible for - from the railway bridge (between Jacksdale and Ironville) and onto to the Erewash Meadows towards Brinsley. Different parts of the canal and res are owned and managed by others and we have strong links to them, often helping out where needed.

Email: cromfordcanalgroup@outlook.com