Here for hen harriers

Hen Harrier, Mark Hamblin, 2020 Vision 

We are fully in support of this year’s Hen Harrier Day.

Events are happening up and down the country from 4th August right through to the 12th August from the Scottish Highlands down to London. The nearest event for those based in Derbyshire is at the Devonshire Green in Sheffield on 4th August, 11am – 3pm.

Tim Birch, Head of Advocacy and Conservation Strategy said, “We have a vision for Derbyshire’s uplands as a place where wildlife can thrive. We want to see healthy bird of prey populations such as hen harriers, peregrines and goshawk along with red kites which are starting to be seen more often, and this will only happen if our upland ecosystems are restored and illegal persecution stops. We believe everyone who visits the Peak District should have the opportunity to see some of our most spectacular wildlife.” 

Hen harrier, Tim Birch

Hen harrier, Tim Birch 

This summer hen harriers bred in the Peak District for the first time in four years. Tim adds, “It is essential that we all work together to ensure these majestic birds can survive and others after them in the years to come. There is a lot of work to do but Hen Harrier Day is great at raising awareness.”

“The hen harrier is a symbol for all the species and ecosystems we wish to see thrive. If enough people share our vision (A Derbyshire rich in wildlife valued by everyone) and works towards achieving it then together we can make sure our uplands ideal for people and wildlife.”

cotton grass, David Fryer-Winder

Cotton grass, David Fryer-Winder

The hen harrier is a symbol for all the species and ecosystems we wish to see thrive.
Tim Birch
Derbyshire Wildlife Trust

Our Chief Executive, Jo Smith has spoken at previous Hen Harrier Days as well as Tim Birch who unveiled our vision for the uplands back in 2016. Since then we have continued to work with partners including National Trust, RSPB, Derbyshire Constabulary and Peak Raptor Groups to seek an end to the illegal persecution of birds of prey. Visit for our frequently asked questions about hen harriers and Hen Harrier Day.

Show your support by attending the Peak District Hen Harrier Day on Sunday 4th August. Meet at the Devonshire Green,16 Fitzwilliam St, S1 4JY Sheffield at 11am. 

What is Hen Harrier Day?

Hen Harrier Day is a series of peaceful demonstrations in August, organised by wildlife and conservation organisations across the UK. Originally set up in 2014 by Birders Against Wildlife Crime and Mark Avery against the illegal killing of hen harriers.  For more information visit