Derbyshire dew pond restored

Chee Dale Dew Pond

Derbyshire Wildlife Trust is delighted to announce that a dew pond at Chee Dale Nature Reserve has been restored.

Thanks to generous funding of £6,840.00 from SUEZ Communities Trust (formerly SITA Trust) the dew pond at Chee Dale Nature Reserve has been restored.

“We now are just waiting for the rain to fill the pond naturally. Come next spring and it should be teeming with life.”
Julia Gow
Derbyshire Wildlife Trust

The dew pond has been dry for a couple of years as the clay that originally lined it had cracked. A local specialist contractor has installed a butyl liner and geothermal layer at the base of the pond and replaced the stone setts that are traditional used to line these traditional water bodies. Dew ponds provide an important habitat, especially on the limestone plateau where standing water is scarce.

Chee Dale Dew Pond

Chee Dale Dew Pond

Marianne Ivin of SUEZ Communities Trust added “SUEZ Communities Trust provides grants through the Landfill Communities Fund. This important source of funding has been available since 1997 and has provided such worthy projects with more than £1.4 billion.”

Chee Dale is part of a string of nature reserves along the Monsal Trail in the Wye Valley near Buxton. Be sure to stop when you are on the Monsal Trail to admire this beautiful reserve with a quarry and 200ft steep-sided gorge. To find out more about the reserve, please visit: