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Protect our pollinators!

Friday 28th April 2017

Tree bumblebee by Kieron HustonTree bumblebee by Kieron Huston

Kieron Huston, our White Peak Regional manager, explains why pollinators are so important in Derbyshire.

Both our bumblebees and honey bees are in serious decline and two species have already been lost.

One problem is loss of habitat, and therefore food, as 97% of our flower rich grassland has gone since the 1930s due to changes in land use. There is an urgency to reverse this decline, because pollinators are vital for wildlife.

Kieron explains:

"Over 70% of our wild plants are pollinated by species such as bees and hover flies. Many of our fruit crops like strawberries and apples are also pollinated by insects. Pollinators really are fundamental to providing human beings with food, and also for keeping natural processes ticking over". 

Kieron goes on to say why pollinators are under threat:

"One of the problems which pollinators face is a lack of plants providing nectar, and also the issue of some pesticides that are applied to crops; this can affect their behavior, and the number of bumblebees". 

You can see our interview with Kieron below. Don't forget to watch out for our Feel the Buzz campaign in May!