Wild Peak

Wild Peak

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Funded by Rewilding Britain and the Green Challenge Recovery Fund, Derbyshire Wildlife Trust is currently developing the Wild Peak Project. This ambitious project will look at the potential to manage large areas of land across the Dark Peak and its urban fringes’.

The Wild Peak is a place where wildlife is thriving and extending into surrounding areas; where golden eagles and ospreys soar overhead; black grouse and hen harriers are back where they belong in wildflower meadows and healthy blanket bogs; native woodlands are re-generating and expanding, and are teeming with pine martens, adders and red squirrels, and beavers are managing and expanding its wetlands. It’s a dynamic place, with habitats blending together with complex interfaces.  Wild Peak is a place that is valued by and benefits society, locally, nationally and internationally.

What is the Wild Peak all about?

The Wild Peak is a project that aims to work in close partnership with landowners, local communities and project leaders, to inspire and implement long-term, landscape-scale conservation gains in the Wild Peak region, that are driven by nature-led approaches where wildlife dictates the pace of restoration.

Building on the Lawton conservation principles of bigger, better, more and joined up, the Wild Peak project will work towards creating, restoring and connecting wild spaces across the region.

People and communities are at the heart of the Wild Peak project and will be key to its success! As well as creating a network of wild spaces, the Wild Peak project will  create a network of people and communities to facilitate, support and celebrate nature’s recovery across the region (and beyond!).

As well as establishing nature and community networks, the project also comprises a number of immediate tasks, to support nature’s recovery in the Wild Peak region. These tasks include:

Undertaking opportunity mapping and gap analysis of rewilding in the Wild Peak region.

This task will identify places within the Wild Peak area, and the urban connection zones, where existing and future landscape restoration, and other rewilding activities, are taking place.

Undertaking research into moving to a nature-based economy.

This task will allow us to identify mechanisms by which businesses can move from “business as usual” to the development of a nature-based economy.  This work will draw on proven examples from across the UK and overseas, such as Osprey photography around Rutland Water, Pine Marten photographic hides in Scotland and ecotourism benefits in the Isle of Mull and the Knepp Estate.

Undertaking species re-introduction assessments.

A key element of the Wild Peak project will be the reintroduction of species that once inhabited the Wild Peak area but are now missing, such as beaver, pine marten, red squirrel, osprey, twite, golden eagle and black grouse. This piece of work will begin to scope out what will be required to develop the strategic plans to eventually bring these species back to the area.

Case Studies

Donor – Porter Pizza, Sheffield

“We opened Porter Pizza in July 2015. As well as focussing on making the best possible Neapolitan pizza, we've always been conscious of our environmental impact. That said we still get through a lot of meat and cheese and we burn (well-seasoned) wood so we were keen to explore ways to mitigate our carbon footprint. I've been a closet environmentalist for years, donating to Trees for Life, reading books, going on demos, doing outdoor sports and generally worrying about the state of the natural world. When our sales increased during the pandemic it felt time to start doing more as a business. My brother put us on to Rewilding Britain, who in turn pointed us to the Wild Peak project. After a chat with Dave and Phoebe from the project we felt inspired to get behind it, making a monthly donation to match what we spend on firewood. We're excited to see areas of the Peak District become richer places for nature and am convinced that the Wild Peak team have the expertise and motivation to make things happen. More and more businesses are looking for ways to get involved in the fight against climate change and ecosystem collapse and we wanted to be a part of it.” – Dave Musgrove, Porter Pizza

Porter Pizza - Wild Peak

(C) Porter PIzza

How to get involved

There are many different and exciting ways to get involved with the Wild Peak Project including pledging your land, time or money, through a donation…

We are currently building a live pledging map for our webpage that will allow you to make your pledge and pin your location on our Wild Peak map. Until then, if you’d like to make a pledge or discuss getting involved please use our enquiry form below or email wildpeak@derbyshirewt.co.uk directly.

Pledge your Land -

Do you have land that you can pledge towards our Nature Recovery Network?

We are already working with range of fantastic land owners, community groups and Councils across the region, who we are helping to support and advise on their rewilding journeys. If you would like to pledge your land or enquire about rewilding community or publicly owned land near you, please complete our enquiry form below.

Pledge your time -

Do you have time to support an existing rewilding initiative or join your local biodiversity action group?

If you need help finding a local group or project, please get in touch using the form below, and we will do our best to connect you with some of the amazing people we are already working with!

Pledge a donation -

As well as land and volunteer time Wild Peak also needs funding to deliver our work. Every penny donated means we can give more advice, plant more trees, create more meadows and reintroduce more species. So if you are short of time please make a difference by donating whatever you can to Wild Peak.

Donate now and be a part of the solution


If you would like to discuss a corporate or large project donations with us, please get in touch by emailing wildpeak@derbyshirewt.co.uk directly.

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