Drakelow sighting reported by Tom Cockburn

Whooper Swans flew through the site

DRAKELOW NATURE RESERVE: Tuesday 6th November 1030 – 1715. The visit was made to assess any impact on the roosting Cormorants and wintering waterfowl following bonfire night activities across the river. So far as the Cormorant watch went the count was successful inasmuch as the numbers reached a final tally of 435. There was, however, a noticeable reticence by the early arriving birds to land in the trees with most birds landing in the water. A direct comparison with Sunday’s count gave 235 birds at 1535 whereas Tuesdays count at the same time was a mere 20. It wasn’t until 1621 (sunset at 1626) that the birds arrived thick and fast with a large group of c80 arriving from the east at 1649. So far as the waterfowl were concerned the numbers were similar for most species that had been counted on Sunday although a large proportion had resorted to other waters rather than the main Lagoon. Other news includes the arrival back of the Long-tailed Duck (5th) with a Stonechat and drake Pochard the same date and on the 6th two Great White Egrets came into the roosting area at dusk and two Whooper Swans flew through the site. All in all I think it can be concluded that the week-end fireworks episode had little effect on the birds. With thanks to KS RW and AG.