Drakelow sighting reported by Tom Cockburn

The female swan did not interfere merely swimming sedately by

DRAKELOW NATURE RESERVE: Monday 29th October 0915 – 1400. This was a very cold day, 0c to 6c, but sunny and clear in the morning with light icing being noted on the shallow waters. There was little happening on the reserve to warm the blood although a Great White Egret and a Little Egret was present in the ML for most of the visit. Unfortunately, Grey Herons have taken a dislike to their large white cousin and were constantly harassing it. Eventually the Great White Egret had had enough and departed to the river for some peace and quiet. However, this seemed most unlikely as a Mute Swan took up where the Herons had left off and aggressively powered upstream to further harass the egret. As the swan neared the Great White Egret the aggressive attitude was dropped and he sailed beyond the egret that was, by now, moving off up the bank out of the way. The female swan did not interfere merely swimming sedately by. The warning seemed to have been acknowledged. Perhaps the highlight of the day was the presence of five ‘red-head’ Goosanders on the main water with a Green Sandpiper and two Snipe thrown in for good measure. A Water Rail has, seemingly, taken up residence below the GFH having now been recorded on several recent visits. Log entries include a family of Whooper Swans (two adults and three cygnets) that were on the ML on the 28th and the first Woodcock of this second winter period was noted the same date. MOTHS: A new species was added to the list when a Dark Swordgrass was identified on the 11th October and the identity of The Lychnis was confirmed having been photographed on the 3rd June. ODONATA: Despite the cold morning several Common Darters were seen basking in sunny spots. With thanks to AG RW AB DH and KS.