Drakelow sighting reported by Tom Cockburn

Recent reports are of badger (twice in broad daylight), field mouse and several rabbit kits are now above ground.

DRAKELOW NATURE RESERVE: Wednesday 13th June 0915 – 1545. For the most part the day was overcast with a light SW to W wind and a temperature of 21C. The morning was given over to some pruning work on the overhanging trees and bushes on the drive. BIRDS: A lunch break in the Education hide provided the day’s entertainment by way of a Green Sandpiper that stayed on the Strip through the period. The Mute Swans on the Main Lagoon have brought three cygnets onto the water making a total of 17 cygnets from four nests this year. The young Oystercatchers have left their island sanctuary and are now moving up and down the Strip whilst the young Great Crested Grebes have now come down from the shelter of the parent birds wings. Nine Gadwalls were on the Strip. Records from the log include a Water Rail noted on the 10th and a Green Sandpiper on the 12th. BUTTERFLIES: Two Ringlets were reported on the 10th and there was a count of 19 Large Skippers, 19 Speckled Woods and 12 Common Blues in the SK22 transect. DRAGONFLIES: New to the year list on the 11th were Brown Hawker, Southern Hawker and a Common Darter. HYMENOPTERA: A queen Hornet was removed from the Educational Hide on the 11th and again on the 13th having gained entry via a small opening at the front of the hide. PLANTS: Some plants noted during a circuit of the site included Common Mallow, Prickly Lettuce (two plants), Orange Hawkweed (five stems), Dame’s Violet (four stems), Marsh Bedstraw and a single Bee Orchid by the roadside below the Bamboo Pool. The last mentioned species seems to be rather scarce this year with few stems seen in the expected spots. MAMMALS: Recent reports are of Badger (twice in broad daylight), Field Mouse and several Rabbit kits are now above ground. WARNING: Anyone visiting the area of the Tertiary Lagoon should be well water-proofed as the grass along the path is now chest-high in places and very wet, particularly early in the morning. With thanks to PJ, AB, DH, AL,RW and MJH.