Drakelow Nature Reserve sightings reported by Tom Cockburn

On the Strip Snipe numbered 15

DRAKELOW NATURE RESERVE: Tuesday 11th December 1115 – 1615. In general this was a cold day with a light ESE2 wind with clear conditions. A Cormorant count was carried out from 1300hrs to 1615hrs and 207 birds were counted in. In general the bird-watching was rather quiet although the Hooded Merganser was about for most of the day and the Water Rail was recorded as it scuttled across the gap in the reeds below the GFH. On the Strip Snipe numbered 15 at one stage but in the afternoon they were scattered from their roost when an Egyptian Goose paraded along their chosen resting site. Despite a visit to the Tertiary Lagoon there was no sign of the Green Sandpiper. A scan on the main water revealed the presence of four Pochards (two males) and three Goldeneyes (one male) and a smattering of commoner ducks including Shovelers and Wigeon. Two Little Egrets were about for most of the day but there was no sign of a Great White Egret. FEEDING STATION: The feeding station below the GFH has been dismantled to allow for cleaning and repairs to be carried out. Hopefully it will be resurrected in the New Year.