Carr Vale Sightings Report by Mark Beevers

Unusual visitor at Carr Vale today

Bingo! Fantastic find at Carr Vale this morning at 1000 when I noticed an interesting gull on the middle flash stood next to a Black-headed Gull but clearly smaller and not a Little Gull. Close scrutiny of the bird clinched the identity as a first summer Bonaparte's Gull, a fantastic addition to the avifauna recorded at CV. This is an American species, which has been recorded just 245 times in the UK (up to end of 2017). It has only been recorded on six previous occasions in the county the last being seen at Ogston on 26-27th December 2000. It was watched for twenty minutes but then at 1020 it took off with several other Black-headed Gulls, gained height and left south. Also today a Red Kite, a Little Egret and the two male Teal still.