Carr Vale sighting reported by Mark Beevers

On 12th I concentrated on counting gulls flying north.

Weekend update from Carr Vale. On 12th I concentrated on counting gulls flying north which produced 1500 Herring and Great Black-backed Gulls (too distant and too dark to id to species) and 1200 Black-headed Gulls. Otherwise it was same old same old with the usual duck, Water Rail heard, 19 Snipe which is a high daytime count, two Common Gulls, Barn Owl, Marsh Tit, Cettiā€™s Warbler heard and Chiffchaff, still not a bad mornings birding. On 13th 56 Teal (highest count of the year), two Common Gulls, ad Peregrine, Marsh Tit, Chiffchaff and eight Redpoll. On 13th 115 Wigeon, two Common Gulls, Peregrine, Chiffchaff, 80 Linnets and 12 Redpoll. Two colour ringed Black-headed Gulls were also present (one green and one white) but I was unable to read the codes. However on 11th another yellow ringed Black-headed Gull was present and I was able to read the code which was T4RJ. Today I have had word back that the bird was ringed as an adult in a breeding colony at Jankowo, Kujawsko-Pomorskie in Poland on 12.06.2017, which 1249 km away from Carr Vale.