Carr Vale sighting reported by Mark Beevers

Always expected the unexpected is a good frame of mind to be in.

Summer doldrums eh! Nowt to see we bemoan every year yet after three Crossbills and a Mediterranean Gull in the past five days there's always hope. Always expected the unexpected is a good frame of mind to be in and one way of finding something unexpected is to check through the grotty immature gulls that linger through the summer locally. Love 'em or loathe 'em (I personally love 'em) gull flocks often harbour something more unusual and when there's nothing else to see it can often pay dividends. Today when the flock of c200 took to the air as usual I scanned through them ever hopeful (my dreambird would be to find an Audouin's Gull!) and today as the flock wheeled around I noticed something different, woh this bird had white primaries and it was quickly identified as an immature Iceland Gull. In February or March (or even April) it wouldn't be too out of place but hang on a minute this is June 20th, high summer and this species should be in the Arctic not hanging around north-east Derbyshire. What a completely unexpected occurrence, the latest ever for the county following the bird last seen here in late May and the first ever June record. Probably the same bird as the one in May, I wonder where it has been hiding for the last four weeks or is it that during the summer people don't check through the grotty immatures. Also today the pair of Teal and a Peregrine over the reserve.