Make your own Cocktail!

We've got some great ideas on how to make your own cocktail with a little help from nature!

As Autumn approaches, why not mix a wild cocktails or a warming mug of tea for a cosy night in!  By collecting ingredients you’ve found in nature, you make a tasty treat.  Try looking for elderflowers, dandelion leaves and nettles which all have great flavours!


Dandelion Tea:

Brewing dandelion tea is easy and it is often used in folklore to benefit liver health and aid digestion.  All you will need are some green dandelion leaves and the root, chopped up and boiled and it is ready to go!  Take a look at our simple guide and make your own!

Dandelion tea

Philip Precey

Cocktail/ Mocktail:

You can find yummy berries and leaves (like mint leaves) that can bring your drink to life. Just make sure to identify them properly before you tuck in – if in doubt, leave it out!

Lets make a mojito!  It can either be alcoholic or a mocktail the choice is yours.  You will need:

- Mint leaves

- Lime juice

- Apple Juice/ Champagne or prosecco

- Crushed ice

- Blitzed raspberries (optional)


This is just a guide, so please feel free to make up your own recipes and see what you can come up with!  Here we have a handy guide of the things you can forage!

First you need to mix the mint leaves and lime just together.  Make sure you crush them to get out the flavour!

Next, add them to a shaker and pour in a little crushed ice and some apple juice.  Also add the blitzed raspberry puree.  Get shaking!

Pour this into a glass, top up with crushed ice and if you are opting for a mocktail - some more apple juice, or the alcohol if you want it stronger!

Add mint leaves and frozen raspberries for decoration!