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We’re Jack and Charlie.

When we’re not at school we’re always outside – mum works for Derbyshire Wildlife Trust so it’s always been this way for us – most weekends we’re at her Forest Schools. Our favourite place is up at Carsington Water – we spend our days finding loads of insects up there and sitting around the campfire.

We’ve grown up doing this but things aren’t looking good for nature anymore and we’re worried what might happen.

It’s hard to know what to do about it all but we’ve decided we’re going to join the next School Strike for Climate. It’s really local this time – just in Derby. It’s not the first one we’ve been too but we think it will be one of the biggest! It sounds like thousands of people from across the country are going to join in. We want to show the people in power that we want them to change things so our environment can get better and we don’t have to worry what the future holds.  

This time we need as many adults too – the more people who show they care the better.

We’ll be joining Derbyshire Wildlife Trust staff and loads of our mates on next Friday (20th Sept) at 11:00am at Derby Council House in the centre of Derby – come and join us!

Let us know you are coming

Jack and Charlie Gould

(C) Diane Gould, Jack and Charlie