Grow your own Christmas potatoes!

Grow your own Christmas potatoes!

Read below for an easy, step-by-step guide from DTE Derby on how to grow your own potatoes read for Christmas!

Growing new  potatoes  for Christmas dinner is easier than you might think– you just need to plant them a little later, September rather than late summer.  

If you can buy some quick-maturing varieties online or at your local plant nursery, shop. There’s also no harm in having a go planting  those shop bought forgotten spuds you’ve got left over in the cupboard that are growing tentacle like sprouts. 

Plant them in large pots or potato bags, buckets, large plant pots and even shopping bags can be used! (Those reusable ones that have lost their reusable-ness). Raise them outdoors in the decent weather and then move indoors at the first sign of frost. 



Fill a potato bag or large pot (at least 40cm wide) with multi-purpose PEAT FREE compost until it’s two thirds full. 


Lightly firm the compost then set three seed potato tubers on the surface, 20-30cm apart. Add more compost to just cover the tubers. 


Water well to soak the compost, and then allow to drain, place the container in a well-lit area (porch, windowsill space or greenhouse) to start sprouting. When shoots appear, add a further layer of compost to cover them. Keep repeating this until the bag or pot is full. 


When Christmas comes and all the foliage has died back: 

Tip your container upside down and see what treasure you can find 

Enjoy Christmas new  potatoes on your dinner or if you didn’t get any, better luck next year, at least you’ve got your hands dirty! 

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