Celebrating the life of Mary Bayntun

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Mary Bayntun.
An active local group secretary and previous chair of the West Derby Wildlife Group.
We invited C.Naylor from the West Derby Group to tell us more about her life.

Mary became the West Derby Group chair in 1989, holding the position for several years before taking over the role of secretary, a position she held until her death earlier this month.

She has always shown a great and unceasing interest in all forms of wildlife, especially birds, regularly taking holidays in this country and abroad with small groups of like minded people to observe the local wildlife and spending many happy hours birdwatching

She was involved in various organisations, and had been a Trustee of the Wildlife Trust in the past, as well as serving on several committees. naturally, the work of the RSPB was of great interest to her. The National Trust was also on her agenda. She served as steward at Sudbury Hall while also holding the post of Meetings Secretary for the National Trust at Landau Forte College.

Away from Wildlife and historical interests, she really enjoyed folk music and was a member of the Derby Music Club. She was also a keen quizzer, and was regularly seen at local fund raising quizzes, as well as pitting her wits against paper based quizzes. CAMTAD also played a significant part in her life, as she gave lip reading lessons and gave advice about hearing aids.

Mary made marmalade every year, which she would bring to the West Derby Group to sell, donating the proceeds to Derbyshire Wildlife Trust.

She was a keen gardener and had build a small pond to encourage more wildlife into the garden. Mary had planned to convert half of her back lawn into a wildflower meadow this summer, a plan which, regrettably, she did not live to carry to fruition.

Mary was a very active and enthusiastic member of the local community, and is and will be very much missed by us all.

Author: C. Naylor West Derby Group



West Derby Secretary