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Baker Family's 30 days Wild: DayTwenty Nine

Posted: Wednesday 29th June 2016 by 30-Days-Wild

Rainy cobwebs-Louise BakerRainy cobwebs-Louise Baker

A rainy kind of a day!

Today has been something of a mishmash of activities, involving the sowing of cress seeds on a damp flannel, a paddle in the puddles that had begun to form on our pathway, and a soggy dusk walk with the puppy. It rained somewhat today, in case you hadn’t guessed! While the children were quite happy just to dabble their toes in the rainwater this afternoon the dog needed a longer stroll in order to stretch his legs, and I am so glad I volunteered for the job. As we reached the top of the hill in the cemetery we glimpsed the valley below, and saw the rain clouds sweeping towards us with yet more drizzle. On the way home we found a spider’s web ripe with water droplets; the perfect end to a soggy day.

Baker Family-sunset Luise Baker
All images by Louise Baker

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