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Badger Vaccinator's Diary

Debbie Bailey, Derbyshire Wildlife Trust Debbie Bailey, Derbyshire Wildlife Trust

Here's vaccinator Debbie Bailey's latest update from the badger vaccination programme.

July 2017

Derbyshire Wildlife Trust has defied the odds and restarted our badger vaccination programme. We've vaccinated fifty badgers in the Edale valley, including twenty in the last two days.

Ten of the badgers vaccinated this week were cubs, which is very important when trying to increase immunity in the social groups of badgers against bovine TB. Our badger vaccination team were up at 3am this morning, and were out in the field for over four hours!

Yesterday (Thursday 6th July), our badger vaccination coordinator Debbie Bailey, Head of Living Landscapes North Tim Birch and Chair Dr Sue Mayer were out in the field vaccinating. BBC East Midlands Today filmed a news report with them, and we highlighted the importance of restarting the vaccination programme.

We have been carrying out the badger vaccination programme across Derbyshire since 2014. We've been working with farmers and landowners, and showed that a successful programme of badger vaccination can be achieved in partnership with the help of dozens of trained volunteers.We've also developed the programme with a number of partnerships including the National Trust.We're delighted to be leading the way on vaccinating badgers, and we'd like to thank our team for carrying out the vaccinations. #stopthecull


October 2015

 At the last round we remote trapped at 2 places. This is when you trap badgers away from the sett. Its the first time this season we have had to do it, because we didn't have access to the sett. We again trapped 70%.

This small area we did will be added to the other blocks next year as it was added late due to us waiting for a land owner who decided at the last minute to come on board.
The land owner has given DWT permission to do any studies we like on his land and his son PETER who is in his last year at school came to watch us vaccinate and did a talk in his biology class about his experience. His teacher was very interested in the programme.

We will be surveying a rather nice wooded area in Feb 2016 to see what he has on his land!This was a great finish to the season.

I would first of all like to thank everyone for their time and effort. Our first year of BEVS has been a great success and that's down to the three Derbyshire badger groups and all the volunteers.

The volunteers have done an excellent job and because of all the great publicity we have had this season many more have come forward to help next year.The vaccination programme has been a hugh success and I've enjoyed every minute of it.

DWT are leading the way in volunteer lead badger vaccination and showing everyone how it can be successfully deployed.

I look forward to training many more volunteers in 2016!


July 2015

We are now well into our vaccination prgramme, both up in the Peak District near Edale and down in the very south of Derbyshire too. 

We have managed to cobine our best reults yet (80% vaccination success rate, ahead of the usual 70%) with a star visitor - Ben Fogle! 

Ben and the ITV Countrywise team visited the last week of July to see what Derbyshire Wildlife Trust's vaccination programme is all about and we think they were pretty impressed (despite the 4.30am start!) The program will air in October we think so watch this space. 

Debbie Speaking to Ben Fogle, DWT and ITV Copyright

June 2015

Our first round of vaccination started with volunteers heading out into the wind and rain in Edale - even though it was June.

We pre-baited and set traps ready for vaccination on the first morning to find at one of the setts the sheep sleeping in front of the traps and a lamb on top of one. These things are sent to try us!

Our first National Trust volunteers Sally and Steve pre-baited one area with us and got to see there badgers vaccinated for the first time. It was great to see there faces when we got to badgers in traps. All the badgers at that site where calm and one had to be coxed out of the trap, where it slowly made its way down the hole with a blue bottom! (from the stock spray).

We vaccinated over 70% which was a very good start to the season and Sally and Steve enjoyed the whole experience so will be back to help in July.

Preparing Badger Vaccine, Steve Byres


Badger being Vaccinated at Edale BEV, Steve Byres


Adult male Badger at Edale, Steve Byres
































































Photos from top: © Debbie and Ben Fogle, ITV Countrywise copyright, preparing vaccine, Steve Byers, vaccination, Steve Byers, night capture of badger, Steve Byers.