Wild Schools at home

Wild Schools at home!

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Get ready for the Wild Curriculum!

Our team has been busy preparing videos and downloadable resources that we will be sharing with you over the coming weeks. Keep following this space and check back weekly for the latest updated on themed book readings, crafts and outside activities all designed to bring you and your family closer to nature!


Wild Schools

These nature inspired activities and ideas can help fulfil curriculum criteria in not just Science, but also Art, Numeracy and Literacy for key stages 1 and 2.

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Garden Birds - Lesson Plan

If you look out of a window for a few minutes, you will most likely spot a bird. Birds are fantastic to watch through a window or in your garden as they are less shy than other animals and still active in winter. Use our curriculum linked resources to identify the birds you see, become a bird detective, learn how to help them and so much more.

Click to download the Garden Birds Activity Sheet

Want to help our beautiful birds?  There are a few things you can do for your garden!  You could make a bird box or a bird feeder -  Feeders are particularly useful in the colder months when it is harder for birds to find their own food.  But don't forget you will still need to clean them regularly!  Finally you could also help to stop them flying into your window.  They often don't see the clear glass and see the reflections of vegetation, you can place hanging birds to stop this from happening - take a look at our activity sheet down below!

Help birds avoid windows - Activity sheet

Mini Treasures - Lesson Plan

Time spent in nature is a great way to boost mental health and wellbeing but it is also a fabulous way to support school studies. Studying nature can not only help with science lessons but literacy, art and numeracy too. Our Mini treasures lesson encourages children to take notice of nature and then use what they see, hear and feel to inspire story telling. We also have a treasure hunt to support numeracy as well as ideas for art and design.

Click to download the mini treasures activity sheet

You can find some other activities connected to our Mini Treasures lesson plan below.  Right click and save the file to download the activity sheet and share with your class.

Activity Sheet - Make a journey stick
Activity sheet - How to make a leaf stack
Activity Sheet - Nature Table

Natural Symmetry - Lesson Plan

Nature provides an excellent opportunity to explore patterns and symmetry outdoors. Create works of art and clay prints whilst discovering the meaning of symmetry.

Download the Natural Symmetry Activity Sheet

Extra activities....

Nature Mandala - Activity Sheet
Butterfly Painting

Trees and Leaves - Lesson Plan

Trees are amazing! Find out what is so special about trees and their leaves in our videos then carry out your own leaf study. Download our activity sheet to find out how to explore leaf litter and for suggestions on how to use leaves in your art.

Download the Trees and Leaves Activity Sheet

Weather Detectives - Lesson Plan

Whatever the weather you can get outdoors and study it! Our session includes ideas for predicting and measuring the weather as well as some crafty suggestions too.

Click to download the activity sheet

Joining Natures Band - Lesson Plan

It’s starting to feel a bit like spring as the weather warms up and the birds are starting to sing. Why not join natures band and make some music yourself? You can find instructions on making a rain stick and a video on creating a woodland xylophone. Then try using your very own deer ears to listen more carefully outdoors, watch our videos and click on the links to find out to do this and how to create a sound map from the sounds you hear in nature.

Additional Resources:

Activity Sheet: Nature's Music
Activity Sheet: Rain Stick



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