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Good reasons to buy your lamb and beef from Derbyshire Wildlife Trust:

• It’s good for you. Our animals are fed a total grass based diet, grazing our nature reserves and eating hay produced from them. Naturally reared meat has been proven to be lower in saturated fat, yet higher in omega-3, minerals and vitamins.

• It’s good for the environment. Because our animals are fed on grass that we grow naturally, we don’t rely on imported soya, the production of which can lead to the destruction of tropical rainforests. We use a local abattoir to minimise stress on the animals and our carbon footprint.

• It’s good for our nature reserves. We only use our animals on nature reserves where their presence is of benefit to the habitats we are managing. Our grasslands, wetland and scrub need active management to retain their diversity and livestock can be a great way of achieving this.

• It’s good for the Trust. All of the money we raise from the sale of our meat boxes goes back into the Trust, helping us to look after Derbyshire’s wildlife for the future.

Photos: © Tractor at Woodside Farm, Jonathan Preston, Cutting firewood at Woodside Farm, Jonathan Preston, Highland Cattle,