Limestone Journeys

Sowing seeds, Limestone Journeys, Derbyshire Wildlife Trust Sowing seeds, Limestone Journeys, Derbyshire Wildlife Trust

We are a partner in the Limestone Journeys Project. Find out what we have been getting up to, from creating school packs to building wildflower guides and reporting on the current state of Derbyshire's farmland birds.

This Heritage Lottery Fund Landscape Partnership Project focuses on the unique landscape and heritage of the North East Derbyshire Magnesian Limestone area. The Trust is involved in a number of different areas of the project.

A Sense of Place

We have been working with local schools to create new wildlife habitats in their school grounds. So far we have worked with eight schools in the Bolsover area, planting hedgerows and orchards, creating wildflower meadows and restoring ponds.  The children and teachers from each school work with Wildlife Trust staff to create habitats suitable for this part of Derbyshire. We take groups of children from the schools involved to local wildlife sites where they spend time exploring the different habitats to discover the wildlife found there. If your school would like to be involved in the project please contact Tim Birch at Derbyshire Wildlife Trust.

Wildlife Guardians

We have trained 46 people to identify butterflies in the Limestone Journeys Project area. Many of them have taken part in monitoring butterfly populations by walking set routes and counting the insects they see. Further training will take place in the spring - if you would like to be involved please contact Tim Birch.

We have also trained people to identify the wildflowers found along the many disused railways and trails in the area. We hope to get a much better idea of the species found here.

Habitat Restoration

A dedicated group of volunteers has worked to improve seven local wildlife sites in the area. Nature reserves are a vital part of conservation and form essential reservoirs for wildlife. To help wildlife to spread we need to improve other wildlife sites to create corridors. This project aims to do just that by clearing scrub, thinning plantations, over-sowing species-poor meadows and creating entirely new wildlife sites. If you are interested in volunteering or have a site that might be suitable for restoration, contact us.

Wildflower Guide

See our downloads section below for our interactive guide to some
of the special limestone loving plants that can be found in the
Limestone Journeys area.

Simply touch one of the flowers to learn more or swipe through to
read through at your leisure - like taking a skip or walk through
our digital garden!

Limestone Journey's resources pack 

As part of our partnership, we have created a resources pack to help you find out more about the wildlife that can be found in the Limestone Hournys area. See our download section below for all the latest resources for schools. 

Farmland bird survey 

A significant number of birds associated with, and to varying degrees dependent on, traditional farming practices are in decline in Britain and across much of Europe. Read our report to find out the current status of our farmland birds.

Working together: Limestone Journys and Derbyshire Wildlife Trust

Visit the Limestone Journeys website.

Find out more about Derbyshire Wildlife Trust's role in the Limestone Journeys Project and how you can get involved by contacting Tim Birch at Derbyshire Wildlife Trust, East Mill, Bridge Foot, Belper, Derbyshire, DE56 1XH.

Phone 01773 881188 or email Tim Birch at


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