A new approach for our uplands is needed

Cotton grass, David Fryer-Winder

We will continue to present the arguments for a new approach to our uplands where wildlife can thrive and people and the local economy benefit.
Tim Birch
Head of Living Landscapes North, Derbyshire Wildlife Trust

Our uplands are iconic landscapes that improve the environment, help combat climate change, provide havens for nature and benefits for people, such as clean drinking water. 

As well as providing a unique landscape and wonderful places for people to walk, they are home to a special range of internationally important plants and animals. Uplands across England lock up over 400,000 tonnes of carbon per year, slowing floodwaters, filtering drinking water. But only four per cent of England’s upland peatlands are in good ecological condition, and the remainder is not living up to its potential for providing homes for nature and combating climate change.

We need to do so much more - we are convinced that there is an exciting future ahead for our uplands. 

Our vision for Derbyshire's uplands

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Golden plover, Derbyshire uplands, Tim Birch 

Hen Harriers

Hen harriers need our help - they have almost disappeared from our skies. RSPB reported that last year only four pairs were reported in England.

Assessments of the available habitat in England, by the Government, suggest that there could and should be several hundred breeding pairs in England.

We would like everyone in the county to have the opportunity to be inspired and excited by the sight of a hen harrier lighting up our skies. We call on you to help us raise awareness that these iconic birds need to be brought back to their natural upland home.

The Sky Dancer

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Hen harrier, Tim Birch 

Hen Harrier Day

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Henry the Hen Harrier, Tim Birch 

Hen harrier, Stefan Johansson

Males perform a spectacular, undulating display flight, ‘looping the loop’

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