Cromford Canal Audio Trail

Cromford canal Simon CrossleyCromford canal Simon Crossley

AN audio trail THAT highlights the history, heritage and natural history of the Cromford Canal.

The Cromford Canal is part of the Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site. It is a vital part of Britain’s industrial heritage. The canal once allowed goods produced in Derbyshire to be transported throughout the world. It is now used by people as a leisure amenity for walking and cycling. It is also a vitally important wildlife site, supporting one on the most important water vole populations in the country.

The Cromford Canal Audio Trail gives information to visitors detailing the canal's rich history, heritage and natural history. Along the canal from Cromford Wharf to High Peak Junction, and beyond to Leawood Pumphouse and the Wigwell Aqueduct, you will find 15 QR codes. These can be scanned using a mobile phone and are a direct link to the files found below. Alternatively you can download the files before your visit and look out for the numbers on the codes which will tell you which file to play.


Intro I.mp3

Intro II.mp3




Lawn Bridge.mp3


Woodland Birds.mp3

Water Voles.mp3

Water Voles 2.mp3


High Peak Junction.mp3


World Heritage Site.mp3

The Wharf Shed.mp3

Leawood Pump House.mp3

Wigwell Aqueduct