Will ospreys find their new home in Derbyshire?

Osprey by Peter Cairns 2020VISION

A team of six volunteers and a Severn Trent ranger accompanied one of our Reserves Officers, Sam Willis, to repair osprey platforms in the Carsington area.

Two platforms have been repaired in a perfect nesting location for the ospreys who haven’t made Derbyshire their home for over 400 years.  In previous years, we have seen the birds regularly fly over the county throughout spring and summer and with them returning to the UK this April from their winter migration in Africa, we hope that 2019 is the year they make Derbyshire their home.

The repaired platforms were based in Carsington, with there being several sites across Derbyshire with osprey platforms in place.  It is important to offer multiple nesting spots for ospreys as they are more likely to stay in an area if they think there are already ospreys present and there is enough choice for them to choose their suitable home.  In this instance, one of the repaired platforms was on a pole and the other in a tree.

Sam Willis, Derbyshire Wildlife Trust Reserves Officer has said “We are extremely hopeful that this will be our year to attract ospreys to Derbyshire.  The closest nesting birds are at Rutland Water in Leicestershire and we have everything that the ospreys will need to thrive in this area. The nests are in excellent locations so close to the reservoir, and will hopefully attract a pair of ospreys soon!  Having them back in the area after 400 years would be brilliant”.

The return of ospreys to the county would be a significant step in the Trust’s fight for a Wilder Future and a Wilder Derbyshire.