Wildside Festival: The Story So Far

Woodside Festival 4

Our wild landscapes are vanishing before our eyes, and the plants, animals, birds and insects that live there are becoming scarcer by the day. We are campaigning for a wilder future, and for a wilder Derbyshire. However, we need your help if we’re to realise our dreams and spread the word. Our wildlife needs us to make noise; a big, brave and beautiful song that will stand up for every living creature under threat.
Discover your wildside...

Established just last year Wildside Festival is that noise. It’s a celebration of music, nature and community – a roaring above the trees to remind young and old what has been living right under our noses all of this time. Wildside is an opportunity for families to come together within nature, and to explore the wild treasures that our landscape has to offer. Its aim is to connect people with nature en masse; we are a community in love with local green spaces, and we want you to share such simple joys with your whole family.

How often do you stop and notice the wonderful nuances of nature? We’re all so busy that we’re in real danger of missing out altogether. At Derbyshire Wildlife Trust we believe that amazing things happen when people spend time together outside. Wildside Festival is the opportunity you could have been waiting for – and why stop there? Each of the activities, events and artists we’ve organised has been chosen with this in mind. Wildlife is at the beating heart of our festival. We want you to have fun and embrace it. However, we want you to leave the festival with a loud, and clear message. Nature is to be explored, enjoyed and adored, so grab your family by the hands and head on out.

Woodside Festival boys

Woodside Festival boys

Let’s play…

Wildside is a celebration of, and for nature, so we have chosen activities, artists and musicians to complement our wilder sides. You can expect amazing local bands, singer-songwriters and theatre acts, as well as craft stands, wild yoga, storytelling, and plenty of incredible food stalls. Perhaps the highlight of our festival is the wild school, which brings families together to enjoy pond dipping, den building, bug hunting and marshmallow toasting. We want you to make the most of the festival site, revelling in its majesty. Our songs are so much louder when we’re together, and nature needs us to sing our hearts out.

Wildside Festival

Wildside Festival

The great news is that you can support our wildlife simply by buying a ticket, or two! Any money raised will be ploughed into projects and campaigns run by Derbyshire Wildlife Trust, with the aim of preserving landscapes and protecting species. Enjoy our wonderfully wild festival safe in the knowledge that you’re a part of something really special.

Woodside Festival signage

Woodside Festival signage

Wildside Festival is hosted in the heart of Derbyshire at our Woodside Farm Nature Reserve near Shipley. You can find out how to reach us here. For tickets, because we know you really want one, visit www.wildsidefest.com. Our wildlife can’t wait to hear you; let’s make some noise for nature.