Wild Wetlands get Funding Boost

Lapwing, Darin Smith 

Derbyshire Wildlife Trust is celebrating the start of a new £12,726 project to restore wetlands at Erewash Meadows Nature Reserve.

The reserve is situated just outside of Jacksdale near the Nottinghamshire border and is one of Derbyshire’s most important wetland sites. The reserve provides a refuge for a variety of native and nationally important species such as breeding lapwing, water vole and skylark. There is also a small area of Cromford Canal that is still in water which has a thriving population of white-clawed crayfish and water voles.

In recent years the water vole habitats in the meadows have been disrupted by the cattle that graze the meadows and go to the water’s edge to drink. The marsh areas have also gradually become overgrown with the loss of open water and the shallow ditch network that many species need to thrive.

Kate Lemon, who is leading the project for Derbyshire Wildlife Trust said, “This type of wetland habitat benefits greatly from being grazed by cattle, but we need to install fencing to keep them in the areas we need them the most and ensure that they do not compromise the habitats of other species. Along with this we will restore the network of shallow ditches within the wetland to provide a network for birds and mammals to move around in and feed. This generous grant will enable us to make sure that visitors can have a much better experience and spend more time enjoying the wildlife at this important site.”

This project is a great example of how a modest award can make a massive difference to the community.
Gareth Williams
Operations Manager at Viridor Credits

Gareth Williams, Operations Manager at Viridor Credits said: “This project is a great example of how a modest award can make a massive difference to the community. Viridor Credits is proud to support Derbyshire Wildlife Trust in maintaining access to this much-loved reserve.”

This project has been made possible thanks to a £12,726 grant awarded by Viridor Credits Environmental Company, under the Landfill Communities Fund. Work will be carried out from August to ensure ground nesting birds are not disturbed over the breeding season. Work will be complete by September 2018.

Viridor Credits