VICTORY! Badger cull will NOT go ahead in Derbyshire

Badger by Jason Skeen

We are delighted to announce the Government have decided not to bring the cull to Derbyshire.

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Dr Jo Smith, Chief Executive of Derbyshire Wildlife Trust said: “We are delighted that together we have successfully fought off a badger cull in the area this year. We thank all our supporters, badger groups, partners and everyone who signed our petition calling on the Government to stop a Derbyshire cull.

We will continue to expand our badger vaccination programme to ensure that Derbyshire’s badgers remain healthy and safe from the cull and we’ll use our findings to better inform the Government’s strategy for managing bovine TB.

We believe that the badger cull doesn’t work and is scientifically unsound. Badger vaccination and other measures, including regulations and restrictions on cattle movements as well as the development of cattle vaccine are the best approach for the farming industry and our wildlife.

Please help us vaccinate more badgers and prove to the Government that they need to stop the cull everywhere, not just here in Derbyshire:

Thank you for all your support!

Badger meles meles

(c) Andrew Parkinson