A valuable partnership: Ten years of working with Vine House Farm

Tree sparrows, Vine House Farm 

At Derbyshire Wildlife Trust we know how nature can, and does thrive when we all work together; the partnerships that we have forged and nurtured over the years have resulted in some amazing opportunities for wildlife, and continue to support the many species we have in this wonderful county.

We’d like to acknowledge one partnership in particular. Our enduring working relationship with Vine House Farm Bird Foods of Lincolnshire is now in its tenth year, and has raised more than £1.25million for The Wildlife Trusts during that time. The species supported by Derbyshire Wildlife Trust have directly benefitted from over £24,000 of that incredible total, and we’re sure there are many more amazing things to come for those that we support so readily.

Vine House Farm

Vine House Farm bird feed

Vine House Farm in Lincolnshire is the UK’s largest grower of birdseed. Proving that it is possible to have a farm that is both profitable and abundant in wildlife, the venture is the result of twenty years of hard work by farmer Nicholas Watts. After extensively surveying local bird numbers Nicholas noticed that they’d fallen significantly in just a decade; some species by as much as 90%. By planting conscientiously and providing nesting boxes he has been able to create pockets of habitat for local wildlife, and help the birds he so adores to thrive.

There’s more; as well as planting for wildlife Nicholas has joined forces with The Wildlife Trusts to ensure a safer future for all of the country’s wildlife. By donating 4% from every purchase, plus £10 per new Trust customer, to the Trusts Vine House Farm has raised in excess of £1million; £24,000 of it Derbyshire Wildlife Trust has gratefully received.

Nicholas Watts, Vine House Farm by Anna Guthrie

Nicholas Watts, Vine House Farm by Anna Guthrie

We would like to thank farmer Nicholas Watts and his dedicated team at Vine House Farm Bird Foods for their continued support
Derbyshire Wildlife Trust
Blue tit, Kay Fairest

Blue tit, Kay Fairest 

The money that we raise goes towards the upkeep of 47 nature reserves, the restoration of six living landscapes, and work on more than 170 projects across the county. We’ve been vaccinating badgers, monitoring peregrine falcons, saving swifts and looking after Derbyshire’s waterways. While the money we receive from Vine House Farm’s donations doesn’t fund all that we do it certainly does help – and we’re so grateful that farms such as Vine House exist, and continue to do so well.

The Wildlife Trusts’ partnership with Vine House Farm Bird Foods has inspired and enabled the residents of Derbyshire, and beyond, for the last ten years; the farm’s homegrown produce has empowered people to enjoy the simple pleasures associated with feeding the birds, while raising valuable funds for The Wildlife Trusts and its regional charitable organisations. Our partnership has been twice as good for wildlife than we perhaps could have imagined it would be, all of those years ago.

We would like to thank farmer Nicholas Watts and his dedicated team at Vine House Farm Bird Foods for their continued support; the birds, and we, love what you’re doing for the farming industry and Great British wildlife. The Wildlife Trusts looks forward to many more years working alongside you.