Trust calls for a wilder future for Derbyshire

We've launched a new campaign to secure a wilder future for our county.

Over the past 50 years, 56% of species have declined across the UK, with 15% now at risk of disappearing altogether.

Dr Jo Smith, Chief Executive said, “This can change. The solution is to have a strong Environment Act. This will enable us to have laws in place that will protect our natural world and the wildlife we all love. We want to ensure that the Government will be held accountable and when we achieve this we will be able to reverse the decline.”

Barn owl, Andy Rouse 2020 VISION

Barn owl, Andy Rouse 2020 VISION

In Derbyshire the decline means we’re losing our habitats. 44 Local Wildlife Sites have been damaged or destroyed since 2008 and another 80 are threatened by development. It means water voles are at risk, barn owls are in decline and hedgehogs are disappearing at the same rate as tigers. This loss is being driven by intensive agriculture, climate change, development, recreation pressure and unsustainable use of natural resources.

Today, the Trust has released a document indicating what a wilder Derbyshire could look like. It invites discussion and debate and the Trust would like to hear your thoughts on what you think a wilder Derbyshire looks like.

Jo Smith continues, “We need you to help. Please, let us know what wildlife means to you and what a wilder Derbyshire should look like in your opinion using #WilderDerbyshire or by emailing the Trust on Please tell as many people as possible that we need a new, stronger Environment Act, and please start with your MP.”

To find out more about this important campaign, get tips on meeting your MP and more, please click here.

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