Nigel Mills is the third local MP to meet our badger vaccination teams

On Tuesday morning Nigel Mills joined the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust vaccination team as they headed out on a routine vaccination.

Derbyshire is currently being targeted as one of 10 counties that will be a part of the extended badger cull programme despite Derbyshire Wildlife Trust running the largest badger vaccination programme in the UK. To bring the cull to Derbyshire would undo all the hard work that has taken place over the last six years.

Nigel Mills MP said “I recognise that TB in cattle is of great concern to farmers, and I do believe that we do need to find a solution to this problem. I am of course against any sort of cruelty towards animals, and was delighted to see effective vaccination in action yesterday morning.

Given there is no current TB problem in Amber Valley, I now understand that vaccination is a more effective solution and better for badgers, I cannot see any need for any culling in this area. I will support more funding for vaccination so the programme can be extended, and will oppose badger culling wherever possible.”

Badger Vaccination

Derbyshire Wildlife Trust are delighted to see the support from MPs towards stopping the badger cull coming towards Derbyshire. Andy, a volunteer for Derbyshire Wildlife Trust stated that “We were delighted to take Nigel out to show him more about our vaccination scheme.  We truly value his support and we hope that his support will help us convince Theresa Villiers, the new Environment Secretary, that bringing the badger cull to Derbyshire would be a mistake.  With over 637 vaccinated badgers in Derbyshire, were the cull to come to the area it is likely that vaccinated badgers could be shot.” 

Since 2014, the badger vaccination programme has vaccinated over 637 badgers.  With a team of 100 dedicated volunteers and 16 trained lay vaccinators, the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust vaccination programme now extends for 110 km2 across Derbyshire.  It is the largest volunteer led vaccination programme in the country and the Government have provided over £280,000 of funding.  To bring the badger cull to Derbyshire would be a waste of tax payer money.

The Trust needs your support now and are asking people to write to their MP to stop the cull at