New species of shieldbug found in Derbyshire

Tortoise shieldbug, Eurygaster testudinaria by Kieron Huston

This species has never before been recorded in Derbyshire.
Another great find for Derbyshire.

In early August during an invertebrate training event, at Rose End Meadows near Cromford, a participant captured an unusual looking shieldbug nymph which was provisionally identified by Kieron Huston, from Derbyshire Wildlife Trust, as a tortoise shieldbug, Eurygaster testudinaria. This species is typically found further south and has never before been recorded in Derbyshire so was quite a surprise.

Identification was later confirmed by Jim Flanagan a national expert for this group. The nymph was kept in captivity and fed a mix of grasses, sedges and rushes (a preference for rushes was noted!). After 12 days the nymph became an adult and was released back into Rose End Meadows. Another great find for Derbyshire.