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Whooper swan makes welcome return

Friday 13th October 2017

Whooper swan rescue, Tim Birch Whooper swan rescue, Tim Birch

A wonderful end to the story!

You may remember the plight of the whooper swans that were stranded and distressed on a tailings dam within the operational land at British Fluorspar near Stoney Middleton in Derbyshire in April 2016.

Derbyshire Wildlife Trust worked with several organisations, including RSPCA, Yorkshire Swan Rescue and Derbyshire Ornithological Society member, Mick Lacey to rescue the swans and transport them to Yorkshire Swan Rescue’s wildlife hospital near York to recover.

Well, Derbyshire Wildlife Trust received great news this week, one of the adult females (which was colour ringed before being released back into the wild) was seen yesterday with a flock of 47 whooper swans on the Lancashire coast, safe and well.

Tim Birch, Head of Living Landscapes North said, “This is fantastic news, she has travelled down from Iceland after spending the summer breeding and will now spend the winter in the UK. She is clearly fit and healthy and seems to be doing well. A wonderful end to the story!”

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